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A home being built in Puerto Los Cabo by our building contractors

See Some of Our General Building Contractors’ Work

When it comes to luxury construction and renovations in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, finding trusted general building contractors is one of the hardest parts. Cabo Beach Builders provides the foundation you need to avoid frustrating setbacks. Our building contractors and construction crew can help you build your custom house or condo. We’ll partner with you through the design, construction, and maintenance process. We can also ensure that remodeling work goes without a hitch. We’ll help you feel comfortable as you build your home in Los Cabos.

A home being built by our building contractors, foundation has been poured and a crane brought in
Our building contractors have started to go vertical with this build
 An aerial shot of a home being built in Cabo

Real estate agent and building contractor Jeff Schmidt

About Jeff and Our General Building Contractors

Jeff is an experienced real estate agent who’s lived in Cabo San Lucas since 2013. He’s helped many Americans, Canadians, and Mexican nationals find or build their dream home. Jeff takes the fear out of buying and building property in Los Cabos. He has unique insight into prime locations, building heights by zone, which current views can be blocked, and other important aspects that those building in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo should know about. If you are interested in building a home, he can help you find the lot and general building contractor that is right for you. Throughout the planning and building process. Jeff will continue to be a main point on communication, providing you with regular updates, photos, and videos or your property build.

Jeff has built and renovated many homes in Los Cabos. Whether you need to find a lot to build on or already have land and are ready to build, Jeff can handle your project from beginning to end.

(408) 607-8349 (U.S.)
(624) 165-9553 (Mex)

Why Choose Our General Building Contractors?

Frequent Updates

Cabo Beach Builders will provide you with photo and video updates on your project as progress is made. We’ll keep the whole process moving on schedule and within budget.

Quality Control

We will monitor the craftsmanship of all work completed. Our eye for detail ensures no corners are cut during custom builds or installations, and that the work meets your high standards.

We Speak English

The team at Cabo Beach Builders speak fluent English. We will clearly communicate your goals and preferences to contractors. None of your directives will get lost in translation.

Services Offered By Our General Building Contractors

Lot Sales

Lot in Pedregal

Cabo Beach Builders works with trusted local real estate agents to find the perfect scenic and spacious location for your home.

Custom Home Building

A home being built in Cabo

The team at Cabo Beach Builders can help you design and realize the luxurious house you’ve always dreamed of living in.

Custom Condo Builds

Cabo Beach Builders help ensure that your multi-unit building project is both structurally sound and aesthetically appealing.

Building Renovations

We can help with kitchen and bathroom remodels, custom carpentry and shelving, and even full-scale home makeovers.

Pool Builds

Our team can assist with custom swimming pool and spa builds so you can take advantage of the magnificent weather.

Property Management

Cabo Beach Builders is here to help with inspections, repairs, maintenance, financials, and other management needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Home in Cabo?

The cost of building in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo varies greatly depending on the land, community, construction quality, and cost of materials. Typically, the cost of building can range anywhere from $200 to $1,000 per square foot. In a luxury community like Chileno Bay, the cost to build is going to be on the high end of that range. Contact Jeff for more information on the estimated cost of building per square foot in a specific area of Los Cabos, and he can get you a more accurate price range.

Who Our General Building Contractors Work With To Deliver Quality Service

1. Top Architects

Skilled architects will translate your ideas into a workable plan, and offer their own artistic savvy to refine form and function.

2. Skilled Engineers

Building engineers will use the best materials to bring your project to life while complementing the Los Cabos landscape.

3. Accurate Land Surveyors

Surveyors will measure the land, establish property boundaries, and perform the necessary calculations before breaking ground.

4. Trusted Attorneys

Should issues arise over construction, renovations, contracts, or warranties, we bring in a lawyer who will advocate for you.

5. Qualified Accountants

We partner with experts well-versed in construction bookkeeping so you have a detailed record of the cost of all work performed.

6. Building Contractors and Sub-Contractors

Our building contractors work with sub-contractors that deliver quality craftsmanship. We also use high quality materials to create the aesthetic you want for your home in Cabo San Lucas.

Contact Our General Building Contractors

Jeff is happy to discuss your plans to buy a lot and build your dream home with you. He works with the best general building contractors in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Contact Cabo Beach Builders to share your custom house or condo concept with us.

(408) 607-8349 (U.S.)
(624) 165-9553 (Mex)

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