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Building a custom house or condo in Los Cabos can be fulfilling, but it takes experience and can present a number of logistical challenges. That’s why it’s important to have Cabo Beach Builders on your side. We speak fluent English, and our builders will help you through all aspects of design, construction, and maintenance of your home or condo building. Our goal is to help you build the custom home or condo of your dreams.

Reviewing the Land and Lot

Cabo Beach Builders works with local real estate agents to find the ideal location for your home. In addition to securing the land you want, we can check for any existing utilities and examine the properties of the soil. Our builders will also review HOA guidelines that may affect the construction and appearance of your home.

Designing Your Home

With the lot secured, our builders can then proceed with designing your custom home with you. You will meet with skilled architects who will help you refine and realize your vision, considering HOA guidelines while complementing the surrounding landscape. You can also work with interior designers so every room has the look and feel you want.

Coordinating the Project

Building a custom home is a massive undertaking, and it can be difficult to keep tabs on all aspects of construction and design. Cabo Beach Builders can help coordinate the project. We maintain a catalogue of all work performed and list any components needed, from plumbing and lighting fixtures to kitchen appliances and custom carpentry.

Reviewing the Budget

As our builders help coordinate the construction of your home, we will also strive to keep your project within the specified budget. We’ll discuss a proposed budget during the design phase, with estimated costs for parts and labor provided by the architects and interior decorators. We’ll then work with the right contractors and vendors to meet your budget.

Timeframes and Scheduling

Delays in building your home can throw off your moving and travel plans. That’s why, in addition to keeping your custom home within a specified budget, our team will also strive to keep the project moving on time. We can make sure that contractors remain on task, vendors deliver when they say they will, and foreseeable delays can be avoided.

Permits and Paperwork

To further streamline the process of building a home, Cabo Beach Builders will let you know about any necessary construction permits ahead of time. This will prevent setbacks and other problems. We can also help you obtain, fill out, and file any necessary paperwork with the proper authorities in Los Cabos to keep the project moving.

The Construction Itself

As we keep tabs on various aspects of home construction, our builders will assist with overseeing and coordinating the building effort. We can make sure that all of the work meets specifications, and that different teams are in communication with one another as needed. We’ll serve as a point of contact to keep you up to date on your home.

Home Maintenance

Cabo Beach Builders will continue to offer insight and advice after you’ve moved into your custom home. We will help make sure that any construction, design work, and appliances are under warranty. Our team will also discuss proper care and maintenance of your home and the grounds. We want you to still enjoy the luxuries of your custom home decades from now.

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