Pools and Spas

There are plenty of swimmable beaches in Los Cabos, but having your own pool and hot tub allows you to take a dip and lay in the sun from the comfort of your own backyard.

Cabo Beach Builders can help you build out an ideal swimming pool and spa. Our knowledge of materials and practical pool care and maintenance will help you create a pool and poolside area that complements the look and feel of your home. You can have the perfect pool for entertaining guests as well as private swims whenever you please.

Swimming Pools and Spas

It’s almost always pool weather in Los Cabos. Cabo Beach Builders can help you plan out the type of inground pool that’s right for your home. Pick a family pool for parties and safety, or go with a lap pool to work on your strokes. We’ll consider available space and the right materials to realize your vision. We can also discuss an adjoining spa or plunge pool depending on your preferences.

Custom Pool Design

Custom design ensures that the pool is right for your household. If you have a family with young children, a Baja shelf may be ideal, providing designated shallows for kids and a spot for adults to soak their feel. Special pool entry points can be created to accommodate umbrellas for additional shade. For backyards with spectacular views, infinity pools or natural pools will make the gorgeous vistas all the more breathtaking.

Tiles, Pebble Work, and Finishes

Good tilework and finishes will make your pool and spa sing. These details give your water an inviting color and enhance the poolside ambiance in the process. Our team can go over different options for tiles, Pebble Tec, glass beads, and finishes in full detail. We will also provide insight into proper maintenance and care of these finishing materials to keep your pool beautiful and functional for years to come.

Chlorinated and Saltwater Pools

Cabo Beach Builders helps with the construction of both chlorinated and saltwater pools. Saltwater pools use a special filtration system that converts salt into chlorine. Saltwater pools contain less chlorine than traditional pools, which is important if you’re bothered by the smell of chlorine or are especially sensitive to the effects of chlorine. Whatever choice you make, we can discuss filtration systems as well as the differing upfront and long-term costs involved.

Pool Heating Options

There are many ways to keep your pool at the perfect temperature throughout the year. Electric heat pumps and gas pool heaters are old standbys, though many people in Los Cabos have opted for solar panel heating. Solar boilers and collectors make sense in the region, particularly with the sunny weather throughout the year. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of each option and how they can best be implemented.

Pool Hardscape

While tiles and finishes make the pool, thoughtful hardscaping integrates a pool into your backyard. The key is finding the right stonework or pavers that tie the package together. Our team will discuss different materials that feel like an extension of the existing design of your house, transforming the pool into part of the living space. We’ll also consider using locally sourced hardscaping materials to match the landscape of Los Cabos.

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