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Thank you for choosing Cabo Solar Pools. Our company installs and maintains solar-powered pool heaters throughout Cabo San Lucas. Enjoy a swim any day of the year in comfort. Solar heating is a sensible and cost-effective way to have a comfortable pool while enjoying the wonderful weather that Cabo San Lucas has to offer.

Our Services

Cabo Solar Pools offers the following services.

  • Solar Heating Installation
  • Pool Covers
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Pool and Solar Heating Maintenance

About Cabo Solar Pools

Cabo Solar Pools prides itself on providing smart solutions for pool heating. Our goal is to reduce your heating costs and limit our impact on the environment. Our team custom tailors each job so that we can meet any of your needs.

Cabo Solar Pools offers great customer service all year round. We take time to answer your questions and address concerns, and appreciate any feedback you have for us.

Featured Service: Solar Pool Heater Installation

Solar pool heaters help you maintain a comfortable temperate all year round. Since Cabo San Lucas gets a lot of sun for the majority of the year, it’s a readily available resource to help heat pools. You can enjoy a relaxing swim without worrying about your impact on air quality or the environment.

Discreet Solar Panels

Solar panels and tubing are positioned around the pool to collect sunlight and help maintain a proper temperature. The exact number of panels will depend on pool size. We take the layout of your property and pool into account when determining where the solar heating elements should be placed. All panels and tubing are positioned where they are accessible but not noticeable.

Durable Materials

Durability is important, which is why all of the solar panels and tubing used to heat your pool are built to last. The team at Cabo Solar Pools is selective about the types of panels we use as well as the tubing. Our solar panels can easily endure prolonged sun exposure and wear from the elements. The polyurethane tubing is long-lasting, and made to withstand the heat of the sun.

Low Maintenance

Once we’ve installed the solar pool heater, you can enjoy dips in your pool at your leisure. The tubes and solar panels are unlikely to sustain damage from normal use of your pool. We encourage solar pool owners to schedule a maintenance visit with us every year or every other year. This allows our team to clean and check on the solar panels and tubing, and make repairs as needed.

Why a Solar Pool Heater Makes Sense

Solar pool heaters are an affordable way to heat swimming pools, especially in places that get ample sun. In an average year, Cabo San Lucas gets between 300 and 350 days of sunshine.

With that much sun annually and warm weather all year round, installing a solar heater means you’ll save on normal pool heating costs. Since you’re relying on the sun rather than electricity or propane, you’ll also limit your carbon footprint with this environmentally friendly and responsible solution. A solar-heated swimming pool just makes sense given what you’ll save on heating costs alone.

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