Home and Condo Renovations

It’s not easy translating a vision in your head into a fully realized renovation effort. Cabo Beach Builders understands key aspects of high-end architecture and interior design. We can help you with renovations large and small, from improving the look of an existing room to ambitious construction projects.

From planning to the build, we provide honest insight regarding costs, materials, labor, permits, and long-term maintenance. Our goal is to make it easier to remodel your home and make your dreams a reality.

Kitchen Makeovers

From replacing countertops and appliances to completely reworking dated color schemes, Cabo Beach Builders can transform a drab kitchen into a warm, bright, and welcoming space. We can gut cramped floor plans to create room, redo windows for natural light and ventilation, or add a kitchen island for casual meals and conversation away from the table.

Bathroom Remodeling

Many bathrooms seem purely functional, even in expensive houses. Bathroom renovations ensure every room has a sense of style. We’ll work from cohesive design concepts that take flooring, accents, and light sources into account. Whether it’s rebuilding the shower or replacing the tub, our aim is to brighten dreary spaces and create a chic, relaxing atmosphere.

Painting and Wallpaper

Certain colors and designs are as fleeting as the latest fashions. Our team will work with you to find the right colors that enhance each room. In addition to picking paints, we can also add personality by selecting accent walls, which can be enhanced with a different shade of paint or a fetching wallpaper pattern.

Cabinets and Shelving

The right shelves and cabinets can make or break a room. Many remodeling jobs require revamping this essential storage space, changing it from utilitarian to eye-catching. Whether it’s a new medicine cabinet for your bathroom, updated cabinetry in your revamped kitchen, or custom shelves for books and collectibles, we have a carpenter that offer quality results.

Custom Carpentry Projects

Sometimes a home needs more than just custom cabinets and shelving to give it the right character. Cabo Beach Builders can accomplish all kinds of custom carpentry projects for every room of the house. We can help select elegant wainscoting or beadboard for wall accents, custom banisters for your stairways, and meet other unique carpentry needs.

Flooring Renovations

All floors experience wear and tear, even if you’re careful about protecting them. A well-preserved old floor could look painfully dated and use an overhaul. Our team can help you consider different flooring options for each room, whether it’s hardwood, high-quality vinyl, or other materials. We’ll also help select baseboards to complement your choice.

Ceilings and Light Fixtures

Though we’re not always looking up, modernized ceilings and light fixtures can completely alter the vibe of a room. We can pick subtle ceiling tiles to help complete the redone decor, or place panels and beams to add some tasteful geometry. Out-of-date light fixtures can be replaced with modern designs to suit any mood.

Electrical and Plumbing Work

Home renovation isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about optimal function. That’s why Cabo Beach Builders assists with repairing or replacing electrical and plumbing elements within a home. We work with skilled electricians and plumbers who put your safety first. The expertise of these technicians means durable utility systems that provide long-term, problem-free use.

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