Lot Sales

There’s still room in Los Cabos to build your own home. Picture a house on the sand with the shoreline beckoning as you step out the door, or a home perched on a hill where every window looks out over the Sea of Cortez.

Cabo Beach Builders can help you find the right spot to build your home, but our services go beyond that. In addition to finding the ideal parcel of land, we’ll provide insight into practical matters of construction, permitting, and what to expect in the area and community.

Expert Services from the Ground Up

Cabo Beach Builders goes beyond lot sales. We have years of experience in Los Cabos real estate, and can offer invaluable insight into all stages of purchasing land and building a custom home. Out team will also help you understand various community rules and regulations. We give all of our clients a sense of what it’s like to build in Los Cabos, as well as what it’s like to live in Los Cabos.

Finding a Lot in Your Ideal Location

It can be difficult knowing where to start when purchasing land in Los Cabos. The team at Cabo Beach Builders has strong connections with the real estate agents in the region. We will work with local real estate agents to find potential locations that meet your needs. Our professional ties with these real estate agents mean we can seek additional information for you that would not necessarily be in public listings.

Size and Other Considerations

When dealing with high-end lots of land in Los Cabos, we deal with square meters, not square feet. It’s crucial that we secure a lot that is spacious enough to accommodate your vision. As we discuss what you’d like to build, we can determine how much space you’ll need to make the residence a reality. This knowledge provides a grounded perspective on so many practical construction matters.

Information on the HOA

Keep in mind that your HOA will have strict parameters about certain aspects of construction. This may include city ordinance restrictions on the height of a building, or even caps on overall square feet of a residence. As we review potential lots that are available, we can also review HOA regulations and share them with you. This is essential for finding a location that truly welcomes you and your home.

Building Restrictions and Regulations

In addition to HOA restrictions and local ordinances, your custom home will also need to meet certain building regulations in the area. This may include caps on overall property size relative to the size of a lot, and the amount of space kept between a residence and the outer perimeter of the lot. We can also go over these building regulations as you find potential lots that meet your needs.

Building Permits and Other Basics

Cabo Beach Builders streamlines the process of building a custom home. While the process is not exactly the same as it is in the United States, it is similar. Our familiarity with this process can save time and avoid frustration. As we secure the lot, we can start looking into permits to get construction underway. We’ll also reach out to experienced architects and engineers to aid with the design process and help refine your vision.

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